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What's My Auto Accident Case Worth?

If you have been injured in an auto accident, securing monetary compensation to cover your damages is likely to be on the forefront of your mind. However, while questions regarding a claim’s worth are typically some of the first to be asked, there is no one universal answer. Accident claims can be complex and even a seemingly small detail can have far-reaching implications. Below, our blog looks at several factors that can influence the overall value of your claim.

  • Medical costs: With the ever-rising price of medical care, the costs of treatments, prescriptions, and equipment are typically principle concerns in an injury case. A settlement can cover any past, current, and future medical bills related to your accident.
  • Lost wages: During claims negotiations, how an accident affects your work and career path must be taken into consideration. Can you still perform the same job function? Are you able to continue working in any capacity? The answers to these questions can affect your settlement.
  • Non-economic damages: In order to claim damages such as pain & suffering under Florida’s no-fault insurance laws, an auto accident claim must meet certain thresholds. Typically, victims must suffer serious injuries to be eligible for non-economic damages.

Comparative Negligence

While Florida is a no-fault car insurance state, a victim’s actions may still impact the value of a claim. In Florida, auto accident claims operate under the law of comparative negligence, which states that a monetary award may be reduced by the percentage that an accident victim is determined to be at fault. For example, if you’re awarded $100,000 but were found to share 10% of the responsibility for an accident, your total compensation may be reduced by 10% down to $90,000. This underscores the importance of securing knowledgeable legal representation from the moment a claim begins.

Effective Representation for Auto Accident Victims

If you have been involved in an auto accident, protecting the total value of your claim begins with a call to Attorney Ryan Kuhl. Naples personal injury attorney Ryan Kuhl can help you navigate through each step of the claims process in order to maximize the strength of your case.

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