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Hurt in a Golf Cart Accident? Get Answers to Common Questions

Many Florida residents and visitors enjoy coming to the state, not only for the great weather, but also to take part in various outdoor activities — one of which is golfing. The state is filled with a number of beautiful golf courses, and many flock to these courses on a daily basis. However, many golfers (and observers) may not even consider the possibility of sustaining injuries while at the course, particularly from a golf cart.

So, what if you find yourself injured by a golf cart during your day at the course? The following information is provided to give injured individuals some insight into a few of the commonly-asked questions and answers pertaining to golf cart accidents that occur both on and off the course. Still, if you have been hurt, it is imperative for you to work with skilled Naples injury attorneys who can assist you with obtaining the just compensation to which you may be entitled.

Are Golf Carts Permitted on City Streets?

Yes, under certain circumstances. State law notes that golf carts can be used on any road that has been designated for golf cart use. They can also be used to “cross any portion of county road that intersects with a roadway that’s approved for golf cart use.”

Is There a Way to Decrease the Risk of Passenger Ejection and Rollover Injuries?

There is a way to decrease such incidents. Golf cart operators are encouraged to avoid making sharp turns at high rates of speed. Additionally, seatbelts should always be used and is strongly encouraged. Also, if a cart is equipped with bars on the side of the seat or roof, riders should hold on to those as well to help avoid ejection.

What Are Some Common Causes of Golf Cart Injuries?

According to Golf Cart Safety, which cites to Golf Cart-Related Injuries in the U.S., some common causes of injuries include being injured when getting in or out of the cart, getting hit or run over by a cart, the cart overturns, or jumping from or falling out of a moving cart, among other things.

What Kind of Injuries Can a Person Sustain From a Golf Cart Accident?

A person injured in a golf cart accident can incur a variety of injuries, some of which include strains and sprains, as well as fractures to the arms, legs, feet and hands. Some may experience lacerations or even serious head injuries, depending on the severity of the accident.

What Can Individuals on Golf Carts Do to Stay Safe?

There are several things individuals can do to keep themselves as safe as possible when operating or riding a golf cart. First and foremost, you should never operate a golf cart if you are intoxicated or impaired in any way by alcohol, drugs or narcotics.

Additionally, you should always operate the cart responsibly, never driving recklessly and only transporting the appropriate number of passengers based on the seating area. Again, avoid making sharp turns at high speeds and always remain aware of your surroundings — watch for pedestrians and automobiles.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a golf cart incident, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Ryan Kuhl to discuss your rights under the law.