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When Can You Sue a Restaurant for a Slip and Fall?

Recently, WTOP reported that actress Tori Spelling has filed a lawsuit against Benihana Restaurants after allegedly falling onto a hot grill at the hibachi chain. She claims that the restaurant’s negligence was the cause of her fall and she ended up sustaining “deep second- and third- degree burn injuries requiring hospitalization and surgery.” The court paperwork associated with the lawsuit claims that the actress sustained more than $25,000 in damages as a result of her injuries.

Celebrities are not the only ones who can be badly hurt when restaurants create unsafe conditions that lead to falls. Falls are a leading cause of some of the most serious injuries that victims can sustain in accidents, including spinal cord damage and brain injuries. These injuries can be very expensive, can impact work abilities and can change a person’s life. Any victim of a fall should speak with a Naples slip and fall lawyer about whether they can pursue a claim against the restaurant or other property owners whose negligence was the cause of the tumble.

Thinking About Suing for a Slip and Fall?

Restaurants, like other public places, have basic obligations to the customers they invite onto their premises. A restaurant must ensure that the premises is inspected regularly to identify whether there are any hazardous or dangerous conditions that could cause a fall to occur. Things like slippery floors, uneven tile, broken stairs or railings and other unsafe conditions must either be corrected or patrons must be warned about the dangers.

If a patron doesn’t get adequate warning of the potential for a fall, and if dangerous conditions are the direct cause of the accident, the fall victim can pursue a claim for monetary compensation. In the case of Tori Spelling, her injuries included burns because the fall caused her to strike her arm on a grill. She claims that skin grafting was necessary, which is common as a result of burn injuries.

For victims of other types of falls, however, broken bones, injuries to the spine, paralysis, concussions or disfiguring head injuries may be the primary harm resulting from the fall. Treatment may include hospitalization, surgery, ongoing physical therapy, medication, chiropractic care or other types of medical interventions.

Restaurants can be held accountable for any injuries and losses that can be directly traced back to their negligence. The restaurant should pay for medical treatments that the fall necessitates, as well as any time missed from work, loss of wages or loss of earning potential. Victims of falls should also be compensated for non-economic damages as well, including pain and suffering.

Attorney Ryan Kuhl can provide assistance to victims in investigating how falls happened, whether restaurants fulfilled their maintenance obligations and who should be held accountable for a fall. Your attorney can assist in making a strong case so you can try to maximize recovery through the negotiation of a settlement or through a slip and fall injury claim.

Contact Attorney Ryan Kuhl as soon as you can after a fall happens so you can start making your case for compensation.