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Drugged Driving Suit Shows Dangers of Intoxicated Driving

The legalization of marijuana in some locations, a widespread increase in prescription drug use and the increased use of cannabis products have created a situation where drugged driving is occurring more often. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been effective at stigmatizing drunk driving and most motorists realize the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol, but too many drivers underestimate the risks of driving after consuming drugs. Now, there is a new initiative aimed at better illustrating how much drug use can impair motorists.

Drugged drivers have impaired cognitive function and delayed reaction time, which makes them much worse drivers than sober drivers. When a person is drugged behind the wheel and operates a motor vehicle, he or she can cause an accident and devastating injuries. Victims of these injuries need to understand their rights and should speak with Naples auto accident attorneys about how they can pursue a claim for monetary compensation for losses. Unfortunately, no compensation can undo permanent or fatal injuries, so prevention must be a top priority when it comes to drugged driving collisions.

Drugged Driving Bodysuit Illustrates the Dangers of Impairment

To help drivers truly understand the extent of impairment they experience when driving drunk, Ford has created a drugged driving suit. The suit is carefully designed to show motorists the impact of various types of substances, including both marijuana and cocaine, on their bodily functions.

The suits are made up of different parts so motorists get the full-body impact of being impaired. For example, special glasses make the suit wearer feel as if he has tunnel vision, while headphones generate distracting sounds. Those wearing the suit also have bandages and weights on to slow down the movement of their limbs and make them feel unbalanced and one of their hands is fitted with a tremor generator so it feels slightly shaky.

With all of these different sensory inputs, even test drivers employed by Ford are not able to successfully drive while handling all of the impairments. The suit, therefore, illustrates just how hard it can be to operate a motor vehicle while impaired- but it does so in a safe and controlled environment.

Ford had previously created a suit intended to show motorists the risks of drunk driving. Now, however, the new suit has become necessary because of the increasing number of motorists who use narcotics products. Last year, a total of 9.9 million people reported they had driven under the influence of drugs, according to CNET. Those who are impaired by drugs endanger not only themselves, but also any passengers who are in their vehicles with them, as well as other motorists who are out on the roads.

Hopefully, the drugged driving suit will convince at least some people that driving while on drugs is not a safe choice and perhaps it will help deter this high-risk behavior. If more motorists are educated about the true consequences of drugged driving, there should be fewer accidents caused by impaired motorists. If crashes do happen as a result of drugged driving, auto accident attorneys like Ryan Kuhl can provide assistance to collision victims and their loved ones.

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