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Intersection Collisions Between Bikes and Cars - How to Avoid a Crash

Florida is an attractive vacation spot for many individuals and families. However, for those who call Florida home, the beautiful weather often leads them to search for alternate modes of travel so they can enjoy more of the state’s landscape and scenery.

While it is true that many people choose to commute by automobile, there are some who choose to travel to their final destinations by bike. Sadly, though, bike accidents are common in Florida, particularly at intersections — but there are ways cyclists and automobile drivers can avoid such crashes.

Steering Clear of Intersection Collisions
There are many reasons why bikes collide with automobiles at intersections in Florida and throughout the rest of the country. Some of the more obvious reasons include driver negligence and aggressiveness, as well as red light running and failing to yield to bikers.

All too often, drivers fail to watch for cyclists, or they simply do not see them due to the small size of bikes. Driver negligence can play a huge part in a bike/auto crash. Similarly, drivers who are aggressive on the road might see a biker and attempt to beat him or her to the intersection in order to avoid waiting for the cyclist to cross the road. Such aggressive techniques can lead to devastating injuries for bikers.

Red light runners and those who fail to yield for bikers also contribute to collisions involving automobiles and bikes. Even when bikers aren’t sharing the roadway with motor vehicles, some drivers are tempted to try and “beat the light” for whatever reason. But running a light can be deadly for those in automobiles, as well as bikers and pedestrians. So, what can be done to avoid crashing in the first place?

Cyclists and automobile drivers must be aware of the laws and rules pertaining to sharing the road. For years, lawmakers have been trying to make the roads safer for bikers so that as many accidents as possible can be avoided. Still, given the small size of bikes, it is important for bikers to be watchful for automobiles in the same way drivers should be watchful for individuals on bicycles.

There are several things cyclists can do to help increase their visibility to drivers, to include wearing brighter and/or reflective clothing that can be seen both day and night, as well as attaching lights to the front and back of the bike. Doing both of these will certainly aid drivers in seeing bikers ahead of time to possibly avoid collisions.

A Naples Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You With Your Case
Even with the existence of laws that deal with yielding the right of way to pedestrians and bikers, auto drivers often do not heed and follow those laws. Many in automobiles will look both ways for oncoming cars and trucks, but when it comes to bikers, some drivers simply fail to take them into consideration before proceeding through a light or an intersection.

The resulting accident can be extremely serious — even deadly — for the cyclist. If you have been injured in a bike accident or if you have lost a loved one to a bike/automobile collision,contact Attorney Ryan Kuhl to discuss your case.