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Truck accidents are all too common throughout the United States. Many of these collisions lead to catastrophic, life-altering injuries. Tragically, many truck accidents even lead to death. In 2017 alone, the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration reported that 4,761 people died from truck accidents. If you or someone you love was involved in a truck accident, it’s important that you obtain immediate and aggressive legal representation.

From the serious nature of truck accident injuries and the expenses associated with treatment to the sheer shock of being involved in such a devastating accident, truck accidents are nightmares. Additionally, when it comes to recovering compensation, truck accident victims are often up against major insurance companies, trucking companies, and their legal team. In order to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company, you should reach out to a Naples truck accident lawyer to represent you and your best interests.

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Who Is Liable in a Truck Accident?

It is important to remember that the truck driver may not necessarily be the only liable party in a given truck accident. While the truck driver may have caused the accident, his or her employer—the trucking company—could be held liable for the actions of their employee.

For example, if the truck driver violated hours-of-service laws, which denote how much time a truck driver may be on the road, that driver could be liable for an accident if he or she fell asleep at the wheel. Alternatively, if the trucking company had a history of pressuring truck drivers to meet tight deadlines or looking the other way when drivers violated hours-of-service laws, the company itself could be partially or entirely liable for the accident.

Types of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are especially dangerous because the immense size and weight of these vehicles, not to mention the speeds at which they travel, causes them to cause extensive damage when they collide with other, smaller cars and motorcycles. There are many different types of truck accidents, from head-on to rear-end collisions and accidents in which the truck jackknifes on the highway.

Additionally, many truck accidents occur when truck drivers fail to check blind spots or when they are unable to see vehicles in these areas. While rollover and underride accidents are rarer, they are also more deadly, trapping victims under the trailer of the truck.

Building a Strong Case on Your Behalf

Truck accident cases are far more complex than most other auto accidents, even catastrophic ones. This is because commercial trucking is a business. The regulations, insurance processes, and other aspects of these cases are usually very different than typical car accident claims.

As an experienced Naples truck accident attorney, Mr. Kuhl is here to assist you. He can ensure all potentially liable parties are fully investigated.

Some of the many things that make truck accident cases so complex include:

  • The trucking company may be based outside of the region or outside of Florida
  • Truckers are subject to regulations that limit the hours and distances they drive
  • Truck drivers may be subject to immediate drug and alcohol testing after the accident
  • License qualifications must be satisfied and fully up-to-date for all truckers
  • Trucking companies have various record-keeping responsibilities

What Are the Hours of Service Regulations?

Truck drivers are required to follow more regulations than other motor vehicles while they are on the road because of how much damage a truck can cause when an accident happens.

One of these rules is called the hours of service regulation which regulates how long a trucker can be on the road and when they must take breaks. These set of rules also protects truck drivers from being too overworked by the company they work for. According to these rules:

  • Truck drivers can work up to 14 hours in a day but can only be on the road for 11 hours
  • Drivers must rest for at least 10 hours before starting a new day at work
  • Truck drivers must take days off at regular intervals

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Dealing with trucking and insurance companies after an accident can be extremely stressful and difficult. These entities may try to avoid speaking with you or try to get you to accept a less-than-fair settlement.

Mr. Kuhl is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney in Florida, a distinction held by only 1% of attorneys statewide. His office is prepared to represent your case aggressively so that you can work to obtain the compensation you deserve. He knows exactly how to deal with trucking companies throughout Florida, as well as their insurers and legal teams.

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