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Most people know driving is dangerous, but it’s a calculated risk people must take to go about their daily lives. We drive to work, doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, and to vacation spots. There are thousands of other vehicles on the road at any given time, but commercial trucks and trailers are some of the most dangerous. They are prone to something called jackknifing, which is when an articulated vehicle folds into a 90-degree angle, like a pocket knife.

Why Is It So Dangerous?

If a truck or vehicle pulling a trailer jackknifes, the driver in the cab will go a different direction than the cargo. For example, if a truck driver swerves to avoid hitting something in the road, the cargo isn’t as maneuverable. While the cab goes to the right, the back of the truck could swing to the left, getting in the way of any other automobiles on the road. Many 18-wheelers can weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds. If the majority of that weight crashes into your car at high speeds, your vehicle could be completely destroyed with you inside it.

What Causes Jackknives?

Jackknifing can happen if a truck’s wheels lock, such as when the driver breaks improperly or the vehicle hits a slippery spot on the road. If the driver loses control of the wheels, he or she loses control of the direction the vehicle can move. It can also be caused by a mechanical failure in the truck itself.

Can I Get Compensation?

If you were injured in a jackknifing accident, you would likely need serious medical attention. Collisions with big trucks can lead to catastrophic injuries, which can prevent people from working a regular job for the rest of their lives. This kind of harm would require extensive medical care and a long recovery time. You would also need to seek compensation for your lost wages.

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